Scarlett is designing a package for a candy her company makes. She has cut several cardboard equilateral triangles, squares, rectangles, and regular pentagons to try out her ideas for the package. Which 3-D figure and combination of shapes can Scarlett use? Equilateral triangle prism with one triangle and three rectangles Pentagonal prism with one pentagon and five rectangles Rectangular prism with four rectangles Square prism with six squares

Accepted Solution

To create a 3D figure, Scarlett can use two equilateral triangles and three rectangles, which leads to an equilateral triangle prism.What is a prism?This is a solid or 3D figure that has two faces made up of polygons.How to create different prisms?Square prism: Six squares.Rectangular prism: Two squares and four rectangles.Pentagonal prism: Two pentagons and five rectangles.Equilteral triangle prism: Two equilateral triangles and three rectangles.Learn more about geometrical figures in: