Need help from numbers 12 - 14 please, need a full a.m. seer for all please, will give out more than 18 points if one of u all help me please .

Accepted Solution

12) This answer is incorrect because it does not take into account the entire sample. Instead, this excludes the two zero values and divides by eight rather than ten. As a result, the correct answer would be 55/10 = 5.5

13) Mean: (93+91+98+100+95+92+96)/7 = 95
Median: 91, 92, 93, 95, 96, 98, 100
She would need a 95 on the next test if the median and mean were to stay the same, because adding any other number than 95 to these test scores will change the mean, and the median will stay the same if she receives a 95.

14a) (16000+20000+25000+35000)/4 = 24000 for Company A
(21000+23000+36000+48000)/4 = 32000 for Company B

14b) (20000+25000)/2 = 22500 for Company A
(23000+36000)/2 = 29500 for Company B

14c) Company B, both their mean and median are higher than Company A, showing that it's extremely likely that she'll receive a higher commission working for Company A, rather than B.