Use the Uni-Knot for making all the connections, unless the hook has a turned up or turned down eye - in which case connect the hook with the Snell Knot. This is why I prefer to fish deads on a different paternoster rig. 'Fuller House' star won't apologize for intimate pic. I have been using dropper loops using the "twisted dropper loop" method which makes the loop stand out proud from the main line. Bit of a clue there as to why it's called the flapper rig. On a two or three hook flapper rig, the lower snood can … There is a reason we are showing this on a paternoster rig which has 5 failure points. The paternoster rig is by far the best way to set up for bottom fishing and is just basically a 2m piece of mono leader with a loop on the bottom for a sinker and two short lengths of line off the sides about 60cm apart. For this reason, I use a basic running sinker rig initially with a reasonably light ball sinker so the rig can move. Things have moved on. was wondering if someone could do a diagram of where the knots and loops go as i'm abit confused with all these dropper loops and knots. double snell on a paternoster rig Thu, 2014-07-03 11:47 Guys thanks for all your responses. I have noticed in a number of the paternoster rigs in the pictures the rigs are made up with 3 way swivels with fairly long droppers coming off them. If you must use a paternoster then attach the lead link to the mainline with a running swivel and 'fix' it with a … We made up this testing rig on the cheap so you yourself can copy it and test your own rigs. flatties) I was taught that a knot in our line, weakens your line That's why I use … I'm sorry for being pedantic, but if we're going to discuss rigs, especially without pictures, … The 100% knot strength myth is exactly that a myth and we are very confident when you make up this testing machine and test your own rigs or our competitors you will see why we are better.. One that fell for a paternostered sardine: Again it is pretty simple. The tube on the line to the bait is a great idea, I'll use it a Bonnie Doon I don't like knots in my line unless, I'm using 20lb line for 1lb fish (e.g. It's only a true paternoster if the lead link is longer than the hooklength. Being mainly a freshie, I don't use the rig that much I use a 3 way swivel. One that I've also used for trolling. Forage fish, like bream, whiting or dart, will often be in one spot waiting for the food to come to them. Most use a link ledger and call it a paternoster, but it presents the bait totally differently. Opener ratings an unpleasant surprise for NFL All there is to it is a John Roberts Paternoster Boom on the line above the trace. Morning Bob, Graham is right,I use a paternoster rig for all my flood fishing,and also come from a match background,having been shown the rig and it's effectiveness back in the eighties,by the likes of Colin Bennett,Graham Price,Paul Clee,all top Severn floodwater specialists,and who I fished with in a group called Star Match. NYT reporter booted from Trump rally after mask tweet. A paternoster rig with a star or other type of “anchor” sinker will keep my bait in the strike zone. John Wilson illustrates paternoster rigs extensively for carp and tench - however remember how old the books are Weeman.
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