They shall stand there to be judged, but not to be acquitted. The kings of the earth set themselves, And the rulers take counsel together, Against Jehovah, and against his anointed, saying, Let us break their bonds asunder, And cast away their cords from us. What Psalm 15 means. Ver. O God of my righteousness - That is, O my righteous God. Psalm 100 1 tells us that thanksgiving is all about who you know. It was surprising to discover two new things in this passage. Use this table to get a word-for-word translation of the original Hebrew Scripture. What does Psalm chapter 1 mean? While here, we behold Jesus Christ outlined in poverty and distress. Read Psalm 1:5 commentary using The Treasury of David. Sooner could a fish live upon a tree than the wicked in Paradise. An Exhortation to Thanksgiving. The meaning is, “hear and answer me,” or grant me what I ask. In the congregation of the righteous - Be reckoned or regarded as belonging to the righteous. Every Church has one devil in it. Many of us memorized it as children in Sunday School. Change Language {{#items}} {{local_title}} ( Romans 6:16 Romans 6:17 ) ; there will be no standing for the wicked when he appears; they will all stand before the judgment seat of Christ, to take their trial and hear their sentence, ( 2 Corinthians 5:10 ) ; but they shall not stand in the same place with the righteous, not at Christ's right hand, but at his left; they shall not stand with an holy confidence, with intrepidity, and without shame, as the blessed man will; they will not stand, but fall in judgment; they will not be acquitted and discharged, but be condemned to everlasting punishment, ( Matthew 25:30 ) ; and this sense the Targum on the place expresses, "the ungodly shall not be justified in the great day"; the Vulgate Latin and Septuagint versions render the words, "the ungodly shall not rise again in judgment"; from whence some have concluded there will be no resurrection of the wicked: which seems, to be the sense of Kimchi and other Jewish writers; who assert that the souls of the wicked perish with their bodies at death, and that the latter rise not, contrary to ( Ecclesiastes 12:7 ) ( Daniel 12:2 ) ; but that the wicked will, rise may be concluded from the justice of God, which requires that the bodies which have sinned should be punished; and from the general judgment of good and bad, and from the account of the punishment of hell, which will be inflicted on the body as well as on the soul: besides, the contrary doctrine is a licentious one, and is calculated to harden wicked men in their sins, and is directly repugnant to the assertions of Christ, and the Apostle Paul, ( John 5:28 John 5:29 ) ( Acts 24:15 ) ; nor has it any foundation in this text, even admitting such a version; which does not absolutely affirm that the wicked shall not rise again, but that they shall not rise again in, judgment, in the first resurrection, the resurrection of the just, and so as to be acquitted and discharged, but they shall rise to the resurrection of damnation; nor sinners in the congregation of the righteous; who are made righteous by the righteousness of Christ imputed to them, and have a work of grace and holiness wrought in them; and who, under the influence of grace, live soberly, righteously, and godly; these are the same with the blessed man, ( Psalms 1:1 ) ; and who at the day of judgment will be perfectly holy, and free from all sin; and they will be all gathered together by the holy angels; the dead saints will be raised, the living ones will be changed, and both will be caught up together to meet the Lord in the air, and will make up one general assembly and church of the firstborn; and among these, and in this assembly, there will not be a single sinner; there are now sinners in Zion, foolish virgins with the wise, chaff and tares among Christ's wheat, and wolves and goats among his sheep; but then there will be an eternal separation, and no mixing together any more. Psalm 1 presents two (and only two) ways to live: the way of the world or the way of the Word. In these verses we have, I. Psalm 100 1 tells us that thanksgiving is all about who you know. That is, in all the places where the righteous, as such, are assembled, they will have no place: where they assemble to worship God; where they meet as his friends; where they unitedly participate in his favor; when, in the last day, they shall be gathered together to receive their reward, and when they shall be assembled together in heaven. The psalm is a regular part of Jewish, Catholic, Anglican, and Protestant liturgies. The Septuagint and Vulgate render it, "the wicked shall not rise - ἀναστήσονται anastēsontai - resurgent - in judgment." Therefore the ungodly shall not stand in the judgment, nor sinners in the congregation of the righteous. However it ends with him glorifying God and offering thanksgiving and praise for His goodness and grace. This is the wide and easy gate leading to destruction (Matthew 7:13). Psalm 15:1 "LORD, who shall abide in thy tabernacle? 5. Therefore the ungodly shall not stand in the judgment. in the judgment of the last day. Psalm 1:5 Translation & Meaning. Psalm 1 is the first psalm of the Book of Psalms, beginning in the English King James Version: "Blessed is the man".The Book of Psalms is part of the third section of the Hebrew Bible, and a book of the Christian Old Testament.In Latin, this psalm is known as Beatus vir or Beatus vir, qui non abiit.. What does this verse really mean? Psalm 1 proclaims truths echoed in the book of Proverbs: that following the wisdom of God is the best and wisest way to live. 2 Serve the Lord with gladness: come before his presence with singing. what are chaff and stubble, thorns and briers, to consuming fire? 100 1 Make a joyful noise unto the Lord, all ye lands. This is a common mode of expression in Hebrew. Answer: A psalm is a song or poem used in worship. Probably like our phrase, “shall not hold up his head.” Will be self-convicted, and shrink away before God’s unerring scrutiny, like the man without a wedding garment in our Lord’s parable (Matthew 22:12). Verse Thoughts How precious is the Word of God and like so many of the Psalms that were penned by David, this is a song which begins with him bitterly lamenting over his mounting distresses and weeping over life's cruel circumstances. According to the superscription — which is not a part of the inspired text, but is, nonetheless very ancient — it is a psalm of David. Whether running a home or building a house, working at a factory or supporting a ministry there is one vital principal that is all-embracing, all our undertakings require a total dependence upon God, without which all efforts will be frustrated, and all activities will be rendered unsuccessful.
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