They’re done with you. If you believe the friendship is worth saving and you truly don't know why she is ignoring you, approach your friend calmly and ask her if you have said or done something to make her upset with you. First off, stay calm. If you’re the one being ignored, do your best to find out what is wrong; do not give them the silent treatment back. However you feel that it is not working out and still they are ignoring you. My best friend, well, my used-to-be best friend started to ignore me out of the blue, with absolutely no reason nor was it a grudge held from any argument that erupted in the past. The feeling of being ignored can be worse than feeling rejected because it makes you feel like you don't matter at all. If you’re forced to deal with a manipulative person who keeps making your life miserable no matter how hard you try to ignore them, go on the offensive. BA50 Talkers March 29, 2018 1570 views. Don’t think this couldn’t be true just because your BFF normally shared everything with you. We used to be really close and do a lot things together and I noticed in recent years I have been feeling left out because she does have a lot friends and parties a lot. 8) You too ignore them. You have tried out every possible above ways to sort out the situation. I have been friends with this girl for about six years now we met when we used to work together there is about four years of an age difference between us (her being younger) she's 23 I'm 27. The problem was that we barely argued. As empty nesters we are used to dealing with changes in our homes, family, finances and friends. Then confront the person giving you the silent treatment by being honest, open, and calm when you do. Whether you’re doing the ignoring or being ignored, forget about anger, forget about your ego, just apologize. This is the time you should understand that it is over and it’s the time to move on. Whether you win or lose the fight, whether you decide to stay friends or not, find a way to let go of your hurt, resentment, and sadness. If they just ignore you or completely change the subject instead of answering your question, they're also likely manipulating you, and it's okay to simply walk away. Read on to learn why your friend has been ignoring you, and if the relationship is still worth salvaging. 7 Reasons Why Your Best Friend Has Been Ignoring You. It’s not worth it to keep the silence. They will tell them when they are at fault Confront Friends Who Are Ignoring You There may well be times in your life when your friends abruptly cease talking to you and pretend that you no longer exist. You do not have to criticize them or try to make them feel bad, but by simply ignoring them, you will help to remind them that we are all human, and our lives are all equally meaningful. Featured Articles Friends Relationships 0 Comments 1570 views 0. How to Confront Friends Who Are Ignoring You. Maintain a non-threatening and non-accusatory tone, but be direct and ask her if she is upset with you … The best way to deal with a narcissist is to simply ignore their insatiable appetite for gratification. Find their center or gravity. Have a conversation like a real adult. 12. Your friend may be ignoring you in lieu of a much bigger problem they’re having. 1. So, when your best friend ignores you, it may be a sign that they’re going through an enormous trial and they don’t know how to reach out.
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