This was one of the most frustrating phone calls. Definitely a biased sample. 1129 reviews of Adorama "How appropriate that my 100th review is also the place that put me in deep credit card debt while I was going to school (for photography). Specialties: Located in New York City, Adorama is the affordable photography, electronics, video and camera store. After asking around I decided to try Adorama over B&H.The package shipped on time and arrived promptly. When it seemed that the camera I was to buy was not being shipped "as soon as possible" as I was told, I cancelled the order and had my camera returned to me. So the camera I preordered in advance is now going to arrive much later than release. Adorama Reviews. Friendly staff and entertaining YouTube videos. Response from nancymadorama, Adorama CS Ambassador at adorama Responded Jul 29, 2020 Hi, I was sorry to see your review regarding your most recent order with Adorama and apologize for the lack of … Deceptive and dishonest. They cannot tell me how many items they are expecting from the mfg. If Adorama's price matches someone else's, buy it from the other place. gets 3.25/10 from 3000 reviews out of probably 1 Billions orders per year (1,000,000,000). All rights reserved. The quantity has been changed. ... Adorama is a legitimate … At 11 when the stock was supposed to go on sale they already took the page down and had a tweet saying they were … Contact Information. I went back and added the Datacolor Spyder X to my cart and again tried to check out with the same resulting error. i wouldn’t trust them with a dime or any of my info. Never trusting this company. Are they one of these companies that buy bulk databases of emails for spam marketing purposes? We are sorry to disappoint you. I then corrected the number and attempted to process the payment again. We received a small batch of the PlayStation 5 which sold out within seconds of us opening up availability online. It wasn't. The issue, as stated above, is zero information about the order from Adorama's supplier was conveyed. Sure people receive their items from Adorama, but god help you if anything goes wrong. I had submitted a complaint immediately after all this occurred via the website link so my timing could be verified by the time stamp on this so there is no concern that I just decided to make the purchase the following day. Shop the best photography equipment, digital cameras, lenses, pro audio & video, professional gear & musical instruments from top brands - Canon, Nikon, Fujifilm, Blackmagic Design, Leica, Sony, Apple & … I used to go to Adorama for photography stuff, no more. One item in my order is still on backorder a month later. They use their website to data mine. I have called up twice so far. They cannot tell me when they expect a shipment from the mfg.They cannot tell me *IF* anything has been ordered. Do you agree with Adorama’s TrustScore? I thought Adorama was a reputable company with a good record of taking care of their customers, such as B&H does. Photography Equipment in New York, NY. Camera arrived on Friday and was well packed. They open a claim and never send me a replacement. Bunch of lies just to get peoples info. Either way this has become an incredible uphill battle to reclaim my funds, because I certainly have not received the goods I’ve asked for. I'm just going to have to purchase from another vendor as I have ZERO expectations they will receive the product they are advertising.10/26 update - I know the item is in high demand. BBB accredited since 8/24/1992. 52 reviews from Adorama employees about Adorama culture, salaries, benefits, work-life balance, management, job security, and more. I had a phone conversation with the used department sales head. We received a small batch of the PlayStation 5 which sold out within seconds of us opening up availability online. Clicked unsubscribe, we'll see how that goes...Edit 09/11/2020:I've provided my email address to Nancy, we'll see if they can figure out why I received the spam. they pretended to have stock of ps5 just to get more traffic toward their website. I love this place for photo supplies and … At 11 when the stock was supposed to go on sale they already took the page down and had a tweet saying they were sold out in less then a second. i call again and must have reached the Philippines because the man had the accent and rooster in the background to complete the experience.He said he could refund me for 2 items. I Did not get my Sale deal What a bunch of con artists Bait and Switch at adorama that did not want to honor and sell me the microphones at the sale price they advertised They Just canceled my order without my Authorization or Approval I will never do business with Adorama again they ruined my future Studio recording plans. The Glow Series III Small Strip Softbox (12 x 36") does not come with the Glow Speed Ring adapter that is sold separately. After waiting that long.. you let bots beat a customer! One of the items went on backorder a week later (customer service said that it was in stock a few days after I ordered). A lying, deceiving company. No accountability from store. However the details were never sent to me by email so I could check the accuracy. Please check your order and resubmit". Fake ps5 sales just to get some type of recognition. Updated Sep 30, 2020. However inside the box it was decent. Strange thing is that this item was listed as a "Deal of the Day" and it gave me the discounted price even though it was officially the next day after 12-midnight. By the time that went over they were closed for the holiday. You might want to think twice.... DO NOT BUY if you are looking for consoles. We agreed on a deal. Read real customer ratings and reviews or write your own. Followed and trusted their twitter. I thought this may be symptomatic of the 10 plus different email addresses/ service reps I've spoken with, so I decided to get someone on the phone. The system had deleted my Datacolor Spyder X from my cart. I ordered and promptly received a confirmation email that it was being processed and would soon be on its way. After placing this in my cart I went through the normal steps to check out. My go to place for camera gear like lenses and lights and other things. I will be reviewing this to find out what happened but if there is anything else that you would like to bring to our attention, please email me directly at nancym@adorama… There will not be a second time. Then as the screen changed it said "Be right back" and "check back soon" REALLY? Then your website for some unknown reason kept me from completing my purchase twice with errors unrelated to any quantities I was attempting to purchase, causing me to drift past the 12-midnight hour. I even asked if I could just cancel this order (send back the wrong camera + cancel the order so I can more quickly order one somewhere else) and they said I should let the process complete. Empty promises on ps5 release just for foot traffic. All the reviews say this but I’ll say it too - if you’re not Jewish you’re going nowhere in this place. Doesn't respond to customers. With a backorder, you should have some reasonable expectation of when you'll be able to purchase it. The site is misleading and the shipping is super slow. We are sorry to disappoint you. It just feels like Adorama didn't see any issues.A bad first experience with Adorama.Update: The replacement camera is listed as backordered. We look forward to receiving our next batch, at which point we will re-open availability for purchase. Trolled with a fake PS5 release.Touted an 11am EST release, posted on Twitter before 11 that they were already sold out, deleted the tweet, and reposted right at 11. I have an issue just today. More Than a Camera Store Adorama Camera has been providing services and products in Imaging - and Beyond, since 1975. Adorama customer support - phone / chat, return policy, order info, payment methods, shipping, international orders, hours & operations, store details and many more info. I waited over an hour for the PS5 and made me believe I was going to get it. They announced that they would be doing a PS5 drop at 11am EST, and posted prior to 11am saying that they had already sold out, then turned around and deleted the tweet. We are sorry to disappoint you. how many ordered before me), if they even have a shipment of new product expected, literally nothing. But I prefer B&H for customer service and shipping. According to two separate UPS package traces my package was "successfully delivered" After reaching out and informing customer service that I am still without a product I was told that they would have to begin a third UPS package trace. My call was never returned. Adorama is a full-service destination for photo, video and electronics. I'm just going to order a different motherboard from another place. I requested Adorama … We look forward to receiving our next batch, at which point we will re-open availability for purchase. Adorama. Trolled just to get new followers. Old review: Adorama misrepresented the financing terms of their credit card. I couldn't get an answer to when they expect new motherboards, some ballpark of how many, what order priority I have (e.g. I definitely wonder why Adorama has 16000 reviews … Ive had nothing but bad experiences with them. Ordered a used Nikon DSLR camera from Adorama last Wednesday with UPS two day air shipping. 77 Adorama reviews. Share your voice on I tried to place an order 3 times. Also, the Spyder X in my purchase records would show I was actively shopping your website at that time of night to co-inside with my statements.I am sorry this email is so long but I wanted to provide all the information I could up front for you to review. Is this not why shippers pay for insurance? And don't expect for your delivery to be on time. C'mon.I could get this in 2 weeks or 2 months. Just for the website to crash rapidly at 11am, and them posting at at 11:00:01 saying sorry all sold out. Neither works with them. The 80 mm is a great macro lens with OIS and close focus. 1111 reviews of Adorama "After a response from Adorama I am adjusting my rating to a 3. I ordered a motherboard on 10/8. But Adorama's website shows the Ring adapter in the 4th photo with a softbox, and it does not state that, which is false and misleading. 1112 reviews of Adorama "How appropriate that my 100th review is also the place that put me in deep credit card debt while I was going to school (for photography). I realized that the time had moved past 12-midnight and had evidently removed my $200 Cyber Monday discount.From my perspective, I was making a good faith effort to pay for both items before the system changed the pricing, removing my discount. Adrenaline. Soon found out … Clear All. Voice your opinion today and hear what 360 customers have already said. On Tuesday I get an email saying sorry for the mistake, here's a shipping label, box it up and send it back and we will send the correct camera when the label is scanned. I never received my order. This website sucks. I've never even visited the United States. It’s pathetic really when u haven’t shipped out the stock of ps5 sold on launch day but now all of a sudden you guys have limited stock for 4 seconds. Stay away! We know how in demand this item is and wish we received enough to sell to everyone who wants one. While trying to pay for my items, I dropped one character off my credit card number and it prompted an error to provide another form of payment. My order had 6 items. 7 Slater Drive. Adorama used the hype behind the ps5 to drum up followers and traffic to their website. The customer service has been more of a roadblock, as I have been met with robotic or flat out condescending treatment. When I first started I was disappointed with other companies and was recommended by … We’re more than a camera store – we offer the best selection and prices on professional photography, video and pro audio gear, musical … Get answers to your questions in our photography forums. Stick with B&H. 453 reviews for Adorama, 4.3 stars: 'Two sharp lenses to fill out my Fuji kits. It seems a little suspect that they may be trying to delay the process so my bank will refuse to get involved. I finally took a step into more serious photography and preordered the new Fujifilm camera. The website calculated the minimum monthly payment by dividing the … I checked with the card company and they had already paid it. Andromeda. Camera was in excellent condition. You've lost a Nikon customer for life. You'll be amazed at what you can do … She literally could not tell me anything. It felt almost like a bait and switch, suddenly raising the price with the website not allowing me to complete my purchase with the minutes I had left to do so. Sure you can purchase, but takes months to receive. I could be told absolutely nothing.This was my first time ordered from this online store. If I contacted the wrong person I sincerely apologize.Background: I was shopping late in the evening for a computer system during Cyber Monday's sale. He actually ended the call when I asked for a refund. Then six minutes later there was a second email saying that there was a problem with the bank. received the shipment it looked like garbage and damaged in all sides. That’s not physically possible for anyone to buy it that time and a bunch of degenerates with No experience running a business, PS5 was a debacle. These individuals call themselves a company? | Read 21-40 Reviews out of 874 What a scam, I ordered 3 Sennheiser MD421-II Large Diaphragm Dynamic microphones on Sale on their Super Sale Deal and I knew the item was on backorder and I paid with my Paypal and I have an active online account with adorama. We received a small batch of the PlayStation 5 which sold out within seconds of us opening up availability online. You guys should be ashamed of yourself, I would never do business with you again. I figured they will fill the order Later which I was willing and wanted to wait. Find Reviews Filter. Expert news, reviews and videos of the latest digital cameras, lenses, accessories, and phones. That's why I went to Adorama, a place I've never shopped before (but verified this is a legitimate online store). We look forward to receiving our next batch, at which point we will re-open availability for purchase. So I did all that and now the camera is on the way.I'm alright with mistakes, but it was how it took 4 days of working with CS to sort out such a glaring issue and how they didn't try to soften the blow aside from a template apology. I used their credit card to place an order over five figures. To start, I used a brand new credit card on their site and within hours my card was maxed out from all kinds of websites.I needed a lense for the weekend so I called and ordered over the phone and paid for overnight shipping.Today I checked UPS's site to follow tracking and it says "sender requested the delivery be halted.". I was going to trade in my camera for a new one. I can't believe Adorama would deny a good customer this pricing since the website itself had caused crucial time delays. If the system honored that discount it should have also honored the computer pricing, as well. I had to wait a couple more days for the review. DUH I ALREADY DID THAT. When it comes to online purchases the real factor that sets retailers apart is how they treat their customers. Then 4 weeks later my order was cancelled from nowhere no Emails I did not Authorized the Cancellation. The rest of Friday rolled by and I never got a response so I called on Sunday. We know how in demand this item is and wish we received enough to sell to everyone who wants one. I selected the "keep shopping" tab to look for a Monitor Calibration tool and decided on the Datacolor SpyderX Elite. | | Read 101-120 Reviews out of 360 Search job titles. The service is horrible. A free inside look at company reviews and salaries posted anonymously by employees. Adorama promised lowest and bang for buck items online, However when. If there is someone else that I should contact or if you have any questions, please let me know and I will respond. They continue to tell me to check around my house. However, they held back all the other items as well till the backorder item arrived. This is where my issues began. I was polite and also included the website postings in the email, showing the information I stated and the errors I experienced when trying to pay for my items.I am writing to you in an attempt to resolve an issue I had trying to order a computer system via your company website this past "Cyber" Monday. Nepotism, bias and favoritism are bountiful. 181 reviews of Printique "As an avid photographer for over a year I wouldn't chose another place to print my work. I very much appreciate your time in reviewing my information and I trust that Adorama will do the right thing in my situation. 1111 reviews of Adorama "How appropriate that my 100th review is also the place that put me in deep credit card debt while I was going to school (for photography).
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